100th Day Activities and Fun (and a freebie)!

100th Day activities

Today was the 100th Day in the classroom! Therefore, I decided to have some fun with my students! Last week, I sent home an assignment for families to create a 100th Day project together. Here’s what happened with our 100th Day activities and fun!

100th Day of School Fun Activities plus a FREEBIE
Family projects for primary students and teachers

Here are a few of the family projects that were sent in. There were baggies of 100 toothpicks, a poster with 100 smiley faces, a 100th Day t-shirt with 100 fingerprints. Other families made 100 Day Swedish Fish, a 100 Day rainbow, 100 Day penny plates, 100 googly eyes, 100 pennies, and 100 conversation hearts (perfect timing since Valentine’s is right around the corner).

Family projects for primary students and teachers

And finally, there are 100 kitten cut-outs, 100 stars/stickers, a 100th Day man made with beans, 100 cotton balls in a baggie, 100 cereal snacks, 100 popcorn kernels, 100 Day Monster, and a basket made out of 100 paper shreds.

Then, we ventured onto 100th Day activities that you will find in my 100th Day Mini-Unit pack!

100th Day of School Fun Activities plus a FREEBIE

First, students wrote about what they’d do if they had $100. I gave them the prompt, and they had to write about it. It’s quite funny to see how far they think $100 can stretch.

Writing prompts for the elementary school students

100-year-old pictures

Above, you see the results of using Aging Booth (free Android, 99 cents iPhone)

Sorry, the black blocks somewhat defeat the purpose of these images, but I am making sure I am keeping my kiddo’s confidentiality.

100th Day of School Fun Activities plus a FREEBIE
100th Day of School Fun Activities plus a FREEBIE

Writing 100 Words

Students had to think of 100 words to write. They got a clipboard and were allowed to wander around the room and write words they found.

100 Exercises

Here, students got to get up and get moving with this 100 exercises check-off grid. Specifically, there are ten different exercises that they have to repeat each time. After doing all ten, they end up doing 100 exercises. The students had a blast with this.

Grab that freebie here…

100 exercises for students

Click to grab that freebie here.

This is one page out of my Mini-Unit, but I’m sharing on Google Docs for free! If you enjoy it, check out the whole unit!

Addition and subtraction activity

Addition and Subtraction Facts

Students were given a chart and asked to come up with as many addition and subtraction facts that they could. It was fun to see their minds working. About halfway through the activity, students started getting the hang of related facts to save themselves time.

Making words activity

Making Words with “ONE HUNDRED DAYS”

With this project, I cut apart and laminated the letters found within ‘one hundred days.’ Students had to rearrange these letters to make as many words as they could find within those three words. The worksheet is in my mini-unit (link below).

School-wide 100th Day Activity and Fun

Our counselor had an idea for the 100th Day of School that she thought would unite the classrooms. She gave each classroom five die-cut trains, and each classroom had to come up with five themed train cars. She wanted to wrap these around the hallways. Our classroom came up with 100 magazine words, 100 pom poms, 100 owl stickers, and 100 fingerprints.

We had a ton of fun today, and the kids really enjoyed celebrating the 100th Day!

Grab my 100th Day mini-unit resource here!

100 Days of School Unit

100th Day Unit

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100th Day of School Fun Activities plus a FREEBIE

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