3 Main Topic and Main Idea Virtual Teaching Ideas

This blog post highlights the newest video from my weekly YouTube series. This is the third installment of Teaching Tips in 12 Minutes or Less! This week, we will discuss Main Topic and Main Idea Virtual Teaching Ideas, focusing on three quick and easy virtual activities!

In the previous videos, we discussed ideas for teaching Story Elements and Text Features. However, with Main Idea, there is more of a gap between primary and intermediate focuses. So, I’ll start with that.

In Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades, Common Core asks us to teach our students the Main Topic. Main topic is going to require students to read a nonfiction text and determine an overall “topic” for the text. This may be a word or phrase that covers the nonfiction text.

In 3rd grade and up, the focus will shift to Main Idea. Main idea will be a more direct summary of the text. Students in upper grades will be required to read a nonfiction text and determine an overall idea of what the text is about. This is going to be a complete sentence that will likely detail the author’s point.

The 3 Main Idea Virtual Teaching Ideas tips that we discuss involve…

  • quick-and-easy paper folding activities that can be done through zoom or in person
  • ideas for using EPIC to create virtual small reading groups + Kagan Strategies (EPIC is a free website that allows your students to access texts from home)
  • using interactive, skill-focused digital activities, including a FREEBIE!

As I mentioned above, this is the third video from my Teaching Tips in 12 Minutes or Less series. Click to watch the first video or the second video. Furthermore, I’ll be continuing this weekly journey. Do you have any requests? Then, let me know in the comments what topic you’d like to cover!

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