5 Instructional Videos for Your American Symbols Unit

Blog post with video ideas for teaching American Symbols

American Symbols are a great Social Studies topic for cross-curricular integration! Especially now, with the adjustments we have made in our virtual and hybrid classrooms. Using instructional videos will lighten your load, and it will allow your students to practice important listening and comprehension skills. There are loads of videos out there! However, I have done some narrowing and am going to talk about 5 of the best instructional videos for teaching American Symbols!

1- GeoBeats Science (via YouTube)

GeoBeats Science Video for teaching American Landmarks and Symbols

GeoBeats Science has an informative (and FREE) YouTube channel. This quick, 2-minute video shows pictures and videos of America’s Greatest Landmarks! Some of the landmarks included are: The National Mall, Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall and more! The information is clear and concise, and students will leave the video with a better idea of the important landmarks around the United States.

If you want to include a video like this one in your American Symbols Unit, you can have your students choose an American Landmark that they think should be included in the video. They can research and create their own video, defending why the landmark should be considered!

Link: America’s Greatest Landmarks

2- BrainPop Jr. US Symbols Video

BrainPop, Jr Video for teaching U.S. Symbols

Now, we all know that I love BrainPOP, Jr! This U.S. Symbols video has all the elements of a thorough lesson addition. The video, like all BrainPOP videos, helps students connect to the topic and is easy to understand. These videos will prompt student interaction and thinking! Annie and Moby always highlight and explain important vocabulary, too.

One of the best parts about BrainPOP videos, is the additional features. Have your students complete the quiz, create a graphic organizer, play a game, draw or write about the topic at the end! I highly recommend adding BrainPOP to your usual lesson planning!

Link: U.S. Symbols with BrainPOP, Jr

3- Symbols of the United States (via Red Cat Reading on YouTube)

RedCat Reading on YouTube, video fro teaching American Symbols

RedCat Reading has helpful videos for your younger kiddos. This video is more like an audiobook, that highlights the words as they read. Not only is this instructional, but will be easy for beginning readers to understand. The video covers U.S. Symbols and Landmarks with clear pictures. This video also explains key vocabulary and can be added to your virtual or hybrid instruction easily!

Link: U.S. Symbols with RedCat Reading

4- Reading A to Z Read Aloud (via YouTube)

Reading A to Z Read Aloud on American Symbols

Did you know that Reading A to Z has their own YouTube Channel? Many of their texts have been converted to audiobooks for students to read for FREE! This Level G video is all about American Symbols.

Similar to the previous video, this audio book will highlight the words as it is read. Which, is great for your student readers! The book describes what symbols are and which symbols represent the United States. It is read at a slow, clear pace, and could be used for small group, independent reading time or even at home reading!

Link: Reading A to Z- American Symbols (Level G)

5- Use eBooks as an Instructional Video Alternative

EBooks about American Symbols with GetEPIC

If you are looking for books to include in your hybrid or virtual instruction, consider using GetEPIC! They have a variety of E-books that can be easily accessed by your students from wherever they may be! For this link, I went ahead and sorted the shelves to include any books about American Symbols. So, your students can read more about each symbol individually.

This resource could be used to assign specific symbols to your kiddos. They could create and present reports on their symbols, helping the rest of your class learn about each!

Link: GetEPIC American Symbols E-Books

Add Some No-Prep Reading Materials Into Your Unit

If you’re looking for more traditional American Symbols resources, I have a no-prep product for you! This American Symbols unit comes in both printable and digital formats. There are Graphic Organizers, Reading Passages, Fold and Snip Books, Writing Pages, and more. This resource covers American Symbols both collectively and individually. Both formats are ready-to-go. Simply print or share the link!

Click the links below to buy!


I have a matching game that is perfect for review time! This game provides the name of the American Symbol, a real photograph, and a graphic representation of the symbol. Students will match all three. 10 different symbols are used in this review activity.

  • Click HERE to download that freebie!

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