5 Tips to Help You Prep for Back to School

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I recently surveyed a group of teachers. And I asked them one question: “What is one thing you can do now/over the summer to help get ready for back-to-school?” I received 300 wonderful responses from a wide variety of teachers. Their teaching experience ranged from 1 year to 30+ years. When I asked them that question, my goal was to collect information to help teachers over the summer. I wanted to create a blog post with tips to help back to school time. Below, I’m going to list 5 tips. Then, there is an e-book you can sign up for to get 42 more back to school tips.

1- Think About Your Behavior Plans

“Take time now to think about your classroom behavior plan, routines, and procedures. Once you have decided what you would like to do, plan how you are going to teach and practices these routines and procedures with your students. The more time you spend at the beginning of the school year making sure your students know your expectations, the better the rest of the school year will go.”

-Rachel M.

2- Shopping Tips to Help Back to School

“Make a list of things that you may want to purchase or need to purchase. Start looking now at the target dollar spot or dollar store. Ask friends and family if they have any of the items. I have gotten most of the lamps in my room from donations. This will help save some money in August.”

-Lauren I.

3- Check Out Your Curriculum Expectations

“Get to know your curriculum and create a tentative plan of what you will cover and when.”

-Amanda S.

4- Back to School Material Prep

“Start prepping back to school information to hand out to parents during the first week of school. Also, prep your first week’s plans so you are ready to go that first week. It’s always chaotic.”

-Emily N.

5- Changes Due to Covid Tips to Help Back to School

“Think about how you can have individual supplies. From pencils to math manipulative kits… we usually use shared supplies. I will be using pencil boxes to make Math and Reading kits for the children so that they each have their own manipulative for the year. I have to also change my classroom library a little bit. We will still have books in our personal book boxes but, then I made an area for returns so that I can put those books into isolation for 3 days to help to not spread the virus.”

-Julie B.

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