7 Video Lessons for Teaching Place Value in Primary Grades

Video Lessons for teaching first grade and second grade place value

Often, our students need mutliple opportunities to learn the basics of a new skill. Video lessons are excellent tools for introduction, or reinforcing understanding. Video lessons can be shown during a whole group lesson or posted for viewing on your online class platform. Place Value such an important part of the NBT standards and concepts. So, I have gathered 7 great place value videos that can be used to strengthen your students skills.

Introduction to Place Value- BrainPop, Jr.

BrainPop, Jr video lesson for teaching place value 1st and 2nd grade

Firstly, I love to recommend BrainPop and BrainPop, Jr. videos. This place value introductory video is around 6 minutes long. Students will be introduced to place value terms and ideas in a basketball game. Annie and Moby talk about numbers and digits and how their value depends on their place in a number. I love this video because Annie uses base 10 blocks to help Moby understand. They model counting the blocks for each place value and give a variety of examples for how to find place value.

Another great thing about BrainPop and BrainPop, Jr. videos is the “extras.” For example, with this video, students have the opportunity to play games, take quizzes, read a joke, draw about the lesson and even read “Belly Up,” which is a comic strip about the lesson.

Learn Bright- Place Value for 1st Graders

Learn Bright video lesson for teaching place value 1st and 2nd grade

Learn Bright is a YouTube channel with educational videos. In this video, place value is broken down into simple terms with repeated practice. As you can see above, numbers will be shown in a place value chart. They are represented in base-10 blocks as well. This video is simple and straightforward and great for your younger learners!

Place Value Explained-Generation Genius

Generation Genius Youtube video lesson for teaching place value 1st and 2nd grade

Next up, Generation Genius has a place value video lesson in their “Number Explorers” series. This 12-minute video breaks down place values in the ones, tens, and hundreds. With excellent modeling and the use of base-10 blocks, this video shows a clear representation of numbers and their values. There is also real-world application in this video with having a bake sale, making fruit juice, and even creating their own ball pit!

Some additional resources that are provided with a Generation Genius video are discussion questions, vocabulary, reading materials, practice word and number problems, and even complete lesson plans!

Khan Academy Place Value Series

Khan Academy video lesson for teaching place value 1st and 2nd grade

If you haven’t used Khan Academy in your classroom yet, it’s time to start! These lesson series are so in-depth and help break down math into small parts. In this first video in the 2nd-grade place value series, the instructors use an abacus to represent counting and skip counting. Then, the next video introduces place value blocks to represent numbers. There are 5 videos in the series, each with follow-up practice questions.

Khan Academy works in units, so after the introduction to place value series, you can even move on to their “Numbers in standard, word, and expanded form,” then “Regrouping Numbers,” “Comparing Numbers,” and so on. There is a “unit” test at the end, as well. It is a great way for students to show what they know before moving on to another skill.

With Khan Academy videos, it is helpful to have them available in centers, for independent work, or even to watch at home for reinforcing understanding and redirecting misconceptions.

Math Antics

Math Antics video lesson for teaching place value 1st and 2nd grade

In this video, Rob talks about our Base-10 number system before introducing place value. To represent the places, Rob uses individual apples and “baskets” of 10, and “barrels” of 100. It is a good visual representation of quantity and place value. But, I would recommend adding a video in addition to this one that uses base 10 blocks.

BrainPop, Jr. Comparing & Rounding

BrainPop, Jr. video lessons for teaching place value 1st and 2nd grade comparing numbers and rounding

Lastly, I wanted to link the other two BrainPop, Jr. videos that deal with Place Value. The “Comparing Numbers” and “Rounding” videos are wonderful! Like the other BrainPop videos, students will benefit from the follow up quizzes and games that come with these!

Place Value Resources that Will Make Planning Easy!

Today, we discussed several place-value videos that could improve your NBT lessons and instruction! Below are a few units that could make your place value planning as easy as 1-2-3.

Not only do these units come with digital anchor charts, but they also have lesson plans, hands-on activities, worksheets, and more! Click the buttons below to get a closer look!

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