Research in ELA Block

Research in ELA block

We started flexible library scheduling this quarter, and I love it!! It’s perfect for research in ELA block. We have been a few times for nonfiction books, Destiny catalog introduction, and MLK research.

Our librarian has been working with my students lately to give them a great introduction to research websites and catalogs. Every time it is our turn for Media Center, we take our notes and head to the library. We get to use the library’s laptop cart to help search. Yesterday, we went to the library to wrap up our sun, moon, heat unit that we did for the last week. Their jobs were to use the Destiny catalog to find nonfiction books about our topics, then use online encyclopedias to find three facts about the sun.

Visual sample of website

Using the Destiny Catalog

First, they typed in ‘sun,’ ‘moon,’ and ‘heat.’ They had to write down different books for each of the topics we were looking for. We started on visual searches at first while they got used to it, but a lot of my students are beginning to use the basic search feature.

Students doing library research

Research in ELA Block

Then, our librarian outlined for the students how to find three different pieces from the Destiny catalog.

Closeup of assignment

The graphic organizers used required the students to record their titles, class numbers, and reading levels. This was to help them learn and understand what they were looking up when they were using the Destiny catalog.

Working through virtual libraries

The students also practiced using virtual libraries. One that students were loving was the New Book of Knowledge Online.

Library search engine visual
Working in the virtual library

Kentucky Virtual Library

The KY Virtual Library is a great resource my students used, too.


My students used these two graphic organizers that I made for research in ELA block. Follow the link below to download them as a FREEBIE for yourself!

Freebie document
Freebie document for teachers

Graphic Organizers

Research in ELA block

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