Back to School Resources and Freebies

Back to school resource and freebie roundup

August and September are months that should be filled with back-to-school games and activities. I gathered up some resources and lesson plan ideas for you to start out the school year with a bang! In this blog post, you will find “get-to-know-me” activities, back to school themed activities, and August themed ELA lessons, plus, two freebies! Take a scroll through my back to school resources and freebies round-up to get inspired in your first few weeks of school.

Getting to Know Each Other Activities

In this Cooperative Learning pack, you will find Cooperative Learning lessons and activities for students to do within the first week of school to get to know their classmates. These activities are mix-pair-share, round-robin, and other cooperative learning strategies for students to get to know each other.

(Link: Get to Know Shipmates)

These pirate-themed Beginning of the Year activities will help students to get to know each other and learn interesting information about their classmates during the back to school transition. There are get-to-know-you matching games, surveys, mini-books, and more.

All About Me Activities

(Link: All About Me Set)

This All About Me craft will make your kids love to write all about themselves and their new friends. Inside, you’ll find a mini-book with a craft for students to write about personal things. You’ll also find All About Me printables for print and go fun for the beginning of the year!

(Link: All About Me Flip Book)

The All About Me flip book activity includes a mini flipbook plus a craft topper for decorations. The flipbook is perfect for students showcasing themselves during back to school season. Plus, they’ll enjoy interactive fun while creating an exciting wall display for the kids and school to see.

Rules and Procedures

(Link: Rules and Procedures)

In the rules and procedures pack, you will find several activities to help teach and reinforce rules and procedures for your classroom. The pack starts with five basic rules that can be used in most classrooms. Following those five rules, there is a whole group sort to teach proper and poor choices, printables, mini-books, and writing sheets.

(Link: School Rules Flip Book)

This School Rules and Procedures activity includes a mini flipbook plus a craft topper for decorations. The activity is ideal for students coming back to school and learning all about classroom rules and procedures. Plus, they’ll be involved with interactive fun while creating a wonderful wall display for the kids and school to see.

Other Fun Back to School Resources and Freebies

(Link: Back to School Fiction)

In this reading back to school activity, you will find five stories with two comprehension activities for each. One of the back to school comprehension papers deals with answering questions about the text, and the other paper deals with writing a response based on the passage.

(Link: Class Jobs)

This classroom management tool helps organize your classroom by letting students get involved with classroom jobs. There are two options for your bulletin board or whiteboard display. You will choose the classroom jobs you want and rotate your students through the job list.

(Link: Back to School Printables)

In the back to school printables set, there are two sets of printables. There are a set of forms for your Open House, a collection of fun printables for the kids, and two “get-to-know-you” crafts.

(Link: Back to School Flip Book)

This Back to School activity includes a mini flipbook plus a craft topper for decorations. The mini flipbook is perfect for students coming back to school and reviewing the first week back. Additionally, they’ll experience interactive fun all while creating a lovely wall display for the kids and school to see.

August-Themed Reading and Writing Activities

(Link: August Paired Passages)

This product comes with five paired sets, which is ten passages. Each set comes with a nonfiction story and a fiction story, plus questions and comprehension work for both. There are also two sheets that work on comparing the fiction and nonfiction stories. This packet is for August and September themes, such as back to school, Labor Day, campfires, watermelon, and more!

(Link: August Interactive Notebooks)

‘An Interactive August’ is a way to make your month more engaging, hands-on, and exciting! There are ELA and Math interactive activities that the students will cut, glue, and color. These interactive notebook activities require spiral-bound notebooks, composition notebooks, or a 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper.

August small group

(Link: August Small Group)

This early literacy activity pack brings you 12 different activities to help struggling students. The 12 intervention activities range from syllables to creating simple comprehension.

Time for Back to School FREEBIES!

(Link: Free Find Someone Who)

This free get-to-know-you game is fun for your students during the first week of school. Getting to know you games are a back to school activity that will help kids learn more about their friends and get them talking. Each student will get a Find Someone Who sheet, then walk around asking their classmates questions from the sheet. Once they find a classmate that matches that quality, they will ask their classmate to write their name in the box.

(Link: Free Schedule Cards)

During my Morning Routine webinar, I discussed the use of a schedule chart. Many teachers requested these cards to use in their classrooms! I included a few popular morning routine activities, plus, included a blank page for you to cut and glue your own activities onto if you need another activity!

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