Balloon Popping Our Way to the End of the Year

End of year balloon pop behavior management idea

Behavior Management Tool for Kids

We are OFFICIALLY in the single-digit countdown. Once I hit single digits, I promised myself I would do the balloon popping idea I found on Pinterest last year! I’m so excited that it is finally up and ready! I used nine balloons and filled them up with nine different positive rewards for the next day. If the students can behave all day, we pop the balloons at the end of the day. This is a great behavior management tool for kids in the last few days of school.

Here are All My Materials for this Behavior Management Tool for Kids:

  • Balloons
  • String (And actually I didn’t use string- our school ladder was in use, so I ended up NOT hanging them up from the ceiling).
  • Reward tickets
Behavior Management Tool for Kids


  • Bubble Gum Chewing Allowed
  • Pick Your Own Seat Tomorrow
  • Lunch Bunch Tomorrow
  • Sidewalk Chalk Tomorrow at Recess
  • Outside Reading Tomorrow
  • Ten Extra Minutes of Recess
  • Play With Bubbles Tomorrow
  • Movie and Popcorn Tomorrow (schedule to pop this second to the last day)
  • Special Treat Day (schedule to pop this the last day)
Behavior Management Tool for Kids

After four balloons popped on me, I was light-headed and flustered! But I was so close to being done, so I had to keep going. It may be a good idea to ask some teachers’ kids to help you after school one day.

Like I said before, my school ladder was busy being utilized, and I promised my kids they would be up when they got back from Specials, so in a bit of a time crunch, I just stapled them to my corkboard on the top of my whiteboard. I kind of like them better here than hanging from the ceiling because they are easier to get to, and I don’t have to climb! I can’t wait to see how they react to this behavior management tool for kid’s idea.

Close up view of balloon countdown project

Make sure you don’t staple the balloon or it’ll pop on you!!

The finished product…

The finished product.

This is an email sign-up freebie! Once you sign up, you’ll get these cards sent straight to your inbox. This pack comes with ten cards to put in balloons to count down to the end of the year.

Check out this post for more behavior management tools for kids to use in your classroom.


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