End of Year Gifts for Students

End of year student gifts

I love giving gifts at the end of the year! And these little tokens of affection don’t have to be expensive either. End of year gifts helps solidify the concept of community and creates a tangible link between me and my kiddos. And, who knows, maybe they’ll keep these little mementos and remember someday when they’re grown adults headed off to college. That’s the point of becoming a teacher right? Making a difference! Here are a few ideas on end of year gifts for students….

Two gift idea for the kiddos:

Word Maps for End of Year Gifts for Students

These word maps are free to make. The frames are $1 from the Dollar Tree. Making a unique one for each kid really makes them feel special. One idea to try- have the students write one or two adjectives about each of the kids in the class, then use those adjectives in their map!

Framed Wordle gift idea for students
Inexpensive photo frame

$1 document holder and a free word map from website, such as word cloud generator!

Picture Frames

The pictures were printed from my printer at home. If printed at a store, it costs about $5. The frames are from the Dollar Tree for $1! It isn’t the fanciest thing, but the kids love that they have a forever memory of their teacher! End of year gifts for students don’t have to be over the top.

Picture frame crafting idea
Finished puffy paint photo frame gift idea
  • $1 Frame
  • Card Stock
  • Pictures
  • Puffy Paint
  • Glue

Fidget Popper End of the Year Gifts

This end of the year gift idea comes from Tejeda’s Tots. I love the idea of a fidget popper gift with a little message attached.

There are keychain poppers on Amazon that you can get a full class set. These are two affiliate links to Amazon:

Fill a Summer Bucket

This idea comes from Teaching with Crayons and Curls. I love the idea of getting a Dollar Tree bucket (or this set of 6 buckets from Amazon) and filling it with popcorn, their summer packet, bookmarks, and other inexpensive gifts.

One gift idea for parent volunteers:

For all our wonderful parents…. we appreciate you. I will be putting a plant in these pots with a gift card to show my gratitude for my room moms!

Closeup view of puffy paint gift idea
Crafting products
  • $4 pot from Michaels
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Puffy Paint
Puffy paint plant holder gifts

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