A Look at a Standards-Based ELA Unit

A peek at my first standards based unit

Working towards a standards-based ELA unit, I completed Standard 1, which is our most basic, essential standard: Ask and Answer Questions.

Asking Questions has always been a really difficult area for my students. It is hard to teach the difference between fluff questions and questions that will really help us understand the text.

Answering Questions has been the easier of the two. However, PROVING where they have found their answer from the text is the hard part. In my CCSS: Ask and Answer pack, I start with three mini lessons that teach the students the difference between questions and sentences, how to ask a logical question, and how to find answers inside of text.

Asking and answering questions

Mini Lesson 1:

Here, we’re introducing Ask/Answer. Then reading mentor text. Followed by Turn and Talk partner sharing questions about the text.

Sample anchor chart

Day Two Mini Lesson:

Students will fold text in half, and ask a question about the illustration with a partner. Then, after reading the text, they’ll respond to the partner’s question in this standards-based ELA unit.

Day two of mini lesson

Mini Lesson 3:

Next, students will look at the title and illustration and write a question about the text. Then read the text, followed with highlighting or color-coding task cards. Finally, they’ll answer questions using the text.

Close up review of mini lessons

Here is what the entire standards-based ELA unit pack will come with:

Mini lessons
No-prep printables

Lessons and Printables

Reading passages
Interactive pieces

Reading Passages and Interactive Pieces

Task cards
Questions assessment

Task Cards and Assessment

You can grab the first grade pack or second grade pack.

(Same stories and worksheets- 2nd stories and (some) questions are a little more complex.)

Grab your Ask and Answer Questions Standards-Based ELA Unit Here:

Ask and answer questions
Ask and answer questions

RL1.1- 1st Grade
RL2.1- 2nd Grade

Ask and Answer questions resource

RL3.1- 3rd Grade

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