Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

Christmas decorations

Christmas is getting closer! A few of our teachers at our schools have decorated their doors for Christmas, and it’s really exciting. This blog post will show you some school Christmas decorations and ornaments ideas to send home for the holiday!

Christmas Decorations

To kick off our blog post about Christmas decorations and ornaments, I’m going to show you a few hallway doors. It was a Christmas activity that we did as a school-wide initiative. Each of the teachers made a Christmas or holiday-themed door, and then students got to walk the hallways and vote for their favorite. Here are a few Christmas doors from the school…

My door is on the left. Each of my students made a winter owl with a Santa hat. They got to decorate these owls however they wanted. Then, I went to Michaels to get fake straw and hot glued it to a nest cut-out on butcher paper. It turned out really cute!

Another Christmas decoration door was the snowman. They covered the door in white construction paper and gave it a scarf, hat, eyes, a nose, and coal buttons. The perks of this door were that she got to keep it up throughout January, too.

These doors have the kids really excited about Christmas. We also have other decorations throughout the school, but I just wanted to share those.

Christmas Ornaments

And finally, here is a picture of the ornaments I made each of my kids this year! I added Santa faces for confidentiality purposes, but you get the point… I took their school pictures, glued it to cardstock, laminated, hot-glued crayons around the edge, and tied a string around it. The ornaments turned out really cute. I’ve put them on our Christmas tree outside our classrooms, and the kids really love them.

Want more Christmas teaching ideas?


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