Pirate Classroom Decor and Ideas for a Pirate Transformation

Creating a pirate themed classroom

It’s summertime, therefore, that means it’s time for lots of teachers to start planning out their classroom themes. In this blog post, I’m going to present lots of pirate decor and ideas for setting up a pirate classroom transformation. I will share decor ideas, as well as school supplies and book ideas. I hope you gather up a lot of ideas that inspire you while creating a pirate-themed classroom. There are six Amazon links below to specific pirate-themed decor for the classroom. These Amazon links are affiliate links! The rest of the ideas are from other teacher blogs.

While out shopping this summer, keep an eye out for these things…

  • red, white, and black colors
  • ships
  • parrots
  • treasure chests

Decor Ideas 

Raise the Flag!

I love these fabric pendants that she has hung from her ceiling. It is an assortment of red, black, and white patterned flags which are quite long. Consequently, the flags easily cover a lot of space and can make a big splash!

(2 Links: Glyph Girls)

Pirate themed bulletin board with faux treasure.

Pirate’s Booty Bulletin Board

(Link: The Teacher’s Chair)

I love this bulletin board with a pirate theme. Before the school year starts, you can create the blank board with the treasure chest and lettering, “This class is a treasure.” If you notice in the treasure chest, there are strings of beads representing precious jewels, which is an adorable touch! Then, within the first week of school, you can pass out skin-colored construction paper, specific hair color construction paper, then cut-outs for the pirate hats, earrings, and eyeballs. Getting the kiddos involved in creating a pirate-themed classroom is a fantastic idea for the first day of school activity!

Pirate themed classroom decor bundle.

Yo, Ho, Ho in an Easy Bundle

(Link: Elementary Nest)

Here is a link to my classroom decor bundle. Within this bundle, there are over 20 pirate-themed pieces to use in the classroom. These range from journal labels, rules, name tags, check-in chart, bucket filling bulletin board set, book bin labels, and more! They’re all red, white, and black colors, plus cute pirate graphics are featured on each item.  Creating a pirate-themed classroom just got easy!

Pirate themed classroom bulletin board idea with pirate ship.

(Link: Mrs. Decatur’s Little Gators)

This bulletin board is one of the cutest I’ve seen! I love the bunched up water at the bottom. You can create this out of tissue paper, butcher paper, or even cheap fabric (try a twin flat sheet from Walmart). The ship is created out of colored chart paper as well, and it looks like she has put some wads of paper or fabric inside of the ship to give it a little dimension. You can create this bulletin board to hold star work! Have you ever seen such an inventive way to use regular materials when creating a pirate-themed classroom?

Creating a pirate themed classroom.

Bless My Barnacles, It’s Buckets!

(Link: Elementary Nest Set)

Bucket filling has been a kindness challenge in many classrooms for the last few years. It’s an opportunity to get students talking to their classmates with kindness and helpfulness. This is a bulletin board from my decor bundle set that allows students to tally their bucket filling attempts. For this example, it’s created on a dry erase board that they can add tallies with markers!

Pirate ship reading nook for a pirate themed classroom.

Ahoy Matey, it’s a Pirate’s Ship

(Broken link- Please comment if you know the owner of this idea!)

I love this refinished boat! It appears that it’s simply an old rowboat that is repainted and covered with a soft blanket. There are also pillows in the boat to make it a comfortable reading nook for the classroom. The blue tarp under the boat with the filled white trash bags make it look like they’re sailing through the ocean! Certainly, it’s an incredible accent to creating a pirate-themed classroom! This is a broken pin that I found while searching for cute pirate ideas to share with you. If you know the owner of this sweet idea, let me know so I can create their genius idea.

Additional Ideas for Creating a Pirate-themed Classroom

A pirate themed reading rug for the classroom.

Pirate-themed Reading Rug

(Link: Amazon Area Rug)

When creating a pirate-themed classroom, this Amazon rug would be perfect for a spot in the classroom where kiddos gather on the floor. It can be the main rug for your classroom, or simply part of the classroom library.

Pirate's netting for a pirate themed classroom setup.

Pirate’s Netting

(Link: Amazon Pirate Net)

In a pirate-themed classroom, fishnets are compulsory! Try anchoring them to a wall and stuffing plastic fish and tissue paper seaweed in the nets to authenticate the theme.

Pirate’s Telescope

(Link: Amazon Telescope)

A telescope in your classroom will be a coveted item. Perhaps dole out the use of the telescope as a reward for good behavior.

Parrot reading buddy for a pirate themed classroom.

A Pirate’s First Mate

(Link: Amazon Reading Buddy)

Finally, when creating a pirate-themed classroom parrots a must-have and will be a favorite reading buddy.

Decor Bundle

A pirate themed classroom decor bundle.

A Pirate Classroom Decor and Ideas Bundle!

Link: Classroom Decor Bundle

Use the decor items in this pack to help you on your journey to creating a pirate-themed classroom! Each piece is red, black, or gray with pirates, treasure chests, maps, and parrots to match. Over half of the pieces in this bundle are editable. The pieces that require personalization, such as name tags and labels are editable. These pieces come with non-editable PDF that you can simply write on with a Sharpie OR an editable PowerPoint that you can type your personal names, rules, etc. into. Look below to see what is editable and what isn’t!

Creating a pirate themed classroom

Thanks for reading this blog all about Pirate Classroom Decor and Ideas. Want to read more classroom set up blog posts?


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