Daily 5: Work on Writing

Working on writing in the classroom with Daily 5.

We worked on Read to Self and Read to Someone for a few days, then integrated the writing portion into our Daily 5. We are using the 6 Traits book to teach IDEAS at the moment. The kids are having a lot of fun brainstorming and getting their creative ideas down on paper without stressing out on conventions and sentence structure yet.

During Work on Writing, the students get their writing assignment for the day during our Writing Focus Lesson, which takes place before we split up into groups. For the month of September, these focus lessons are centered around generating ideas. After they get their assignment or prompt, the students get their Writing Journals.

Inside their Writing Journals, they find a reminder asking them if they are definitely finished. I make them check through these before asking me to conference.

The strategies for Work on Writing are in the Daily 5 book.

The Daily 5 book.

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Journal labels

Journal Labels

Journal Labels are found in my Owl Decor pack on TPT. They get 15-minutes to work on this activity. I’m typically conferencing with them while they are in the following activity about what they have written.

Student working on journal.

The students work daily in their writing journals. The writing journals come with a cut and glue strip that they put into their journals at the beginning of the center. Then, they read their prompt and work on their writing during the center.

Monthly writing prompts for the classroom.

Writing Prompts Bundle for Daily 5: Work on Writing

This is the resource I use for the entire year during Writing time.
(Source: Writing Prompts for the Year)

They are allowed to sit anywhere. It is interesting to see which kids choose to sprawl out across the floor and which choose to stay seated nicely at their desks.

Daily 5- Work on Writing- introducing the first few weeks of school
Daily 5- Work on Writing- introducing the first few weeks of school

On the right, you see my student sitting like an M. She has sat like this since Kindergarten!! I had her in my K class two years ago when I taught Kindergarten, and I would get after her for sitting like an M. Two years later, and she still sits like this. I don’t try to make her stop anymore because the habit is solidified now!!

For more content on implementing Daily 5 in your classroom, check out this post on Listen to Reading.

Daily 5- Work on Writing- introducing the first few weeks of school

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