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There are no two things I love more than Christmas and Pinterest! Here are some of my favorite December pins for the classroom around the holidays! I have spent lots of time scrolling the website, thinking of new ideas for my classroom. I think you’ll like a few that I found. All of my December pins are gathered in my December Pinterest board. Click the link below to follow that board for more ideas!

Link- December Activities Pins

Education Activities for teaching in the month of December for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Activities and lesson ideas are included for these themes: Winter, Christmas, Holidays, Christmas Around the World, and more!

Crafty December Pins for the Classroom

December pins for the classroom

(Source: Teacher Idea Factory)

This craft is an amazing team-building activity. Each student gets a green triangle that they can decorate however they want. Then, the teacher will gather them all after they dry to create a Christmas tree!

Sparkly winter two ingredient play-doh

Link: Growing Hands-On Kids

This glitter Play-Doh recipe is simple to make. They will just need hair condition, corn starch, and blue glitter. This would be a fun science experiment for students since students will be putting the ingredients together and predicting what may happen.

December pins for the classroom

(Source: Miss Kindergarten)

This tactile learning activity for young students is a fun and festive way to practice their names, cutting, and gluing. Since the students are practicing their motor skills and spelling their names, this is perfect for pre-k and kindergarten.

Olaf craft activity for the primary classroom

(Source: The Vintage Umbrella)

All things Frozen is a huge hit right now… This Olaf activity is a great way to get students crafty in the winter months. Each student gets a different colored piece of construction paper for the background. Then, they will create Olaf given different cut-out pieces of black and white construction paper.

Gift Ideas from December Pins for the Classroom

December pins for the classroom

(Source: Fairy Tales and Fiction)

This ornament gift is a great idea for students to make in the classroom and send home to parents. Get a cheap set of red and green ornaments and let the students put a white hand-print around the ornament. They can decorate their handprint to become five little snowmen.

Christmas ornament craft idea for the classroom

Link: Christmas Ornaments at Elementary Nest

These ornaments that I made for my students’ parents were a hit! First, I took one of their school pictures and laminated it to a piece of cardstock. Then, I hot glued crayons around the edge. They turned out so cute!

For more Christmas and December pins, check out my Pinterest board!

December pins for the classroom

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