ELA Bundle Options

Looking for a full year of ELA curriculum? Teaching Common Core, but don’t want to have to write lesson plans and search for supplemental resources for each individual standard?

I have created All-Year ELA bundles, which include standard-based units for all ELA standards with your grade’s domains. Kindergarten through 4th grade are available!

The options for purchase are through TPT or the ELA Membership. With the TPT bundle, you’re paying a one-time fee and receiving the All-Year ELA bundle. With the ELA Membership, you’re paying monthly or yearly recurring fees, but you’re provided with access to all ELA materials I create in the future as well! (Monthly is only open twice a year, while the yearly option is always open!)

These 6 domains included in each bundle are:

  • Reading Literature
  • Reading Informational
  • Reading Foundational Skills
  • Language and Vocabulary
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Writing