End of the Year Activities and Teaching Ideas for the Last Few Weeks

balloon  background to celebrate the end of the school year

The end of the year is almost here! It sneaks up on you before you even know it. Therefore, I’m sharing my K-3 end-of-the-year activities and FREE Resources for you to browse through and inspire your last few weeks. There are early finisher activities, memory books, and summer review packets. There’s also a free behavior incentive game at the end that you can download right from my TPT store!

I have separated the blog post into sections for the purpose of organizing. One section is end of the year fun with a flipbook and some awards. The next section is memory books, and the final section is summer review packets. The links to all the resources and freebies shown in the blog post are found underneath the pictures as a hyperlink, OR if you click the actual image, you will go to the download options.

End of the Year Memory Books

Are you looking for a fun and engaging end of the year memory book for your students? This keepsake book will be a great writing activity that will help your students review their year and see how they’ve grown.

Are you looking for engaging end of the year memory book activities? This reading and writing art craft flip book gives students an opportunity to write about their year while practicing their ELA skills. Check out my flip book!

Summer Practice Packs

These summer review packets are made for the summer between the grade listed and the grade coming up. The summer slide affects students in the two and a half months that they’re not in school every day. Therefore, you can certainly help prevent this summer slide with a 30-day book for students to work on! The summer review packet comes with half sheets of paper. The way that they are set up on the page, they can be double-sided or single-sided. Just copy, cut, and staple!

Early Finisher Activities to Help With Time

Early Finisher Worksheets

Are you looking for enrichment activities for your early finishers to do around the end of the year? These math, writing, reading, and art craft worksheets are perfect for your students! There are 21 early finisher activities for your students to complete for enrichment and extra critical thinking skills.

End of the Year FREEBIE

FREE end of the year behavior incentives.

Finally, this free activity is a great way to end the year. This is an email sign-up freebie! Once you sign up, you’ll get these cards sent straight to your inbox. This pack comes with ten cards to put in balloons to count down the end of the year. There are two blank cards if you need to replace one of the ten ideas I typed in.

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