Fire Safety Activities for Primary Classrooms

Fire Safety Week is near! I have gathered several ideas for you to use in your kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade classrooms. These fire safety activities for primary classrooms are essential for student’s understanding of fire safety.

Start with collecting prior knowledge with your students

Fire Safety KWL Anchor Chart Activity

This FREEBIE is for an anchor chart. Create an anchor chart with this label in the middle. Then, cover the anchor chart in blank Post-it notes. Students will come up and grab a Post-it note, write what they know about Fire Safety, and stick it back up.


You could use this as a post-assessment after your unit. You can create the anchor chart and put the Post-it notes on the sign just like the prior knowledge activity. However, this time, students can either write one or two facts they have learned, or they can answer a specific question you ask.

Show a video.

Fire Safety Brain Pop Video

(Source: Brain Pop Jr. Fire Safety video)

I love all things Annie and Moby. They put all social studies and science topics into language kids can understand and make it very approachable for students. This video covers the basics of fire safety.

Make an educational flip book.

Fire Safety Reading and Writing Flip Book Activity

(Source: Fire Safety Flip Book)

My flip book is a wonderful example of fire safety activities for primary classrooms. It comes with a reading passage and comprehension questions. It also has a sorting activity where students can sort between things that are safe and things that are not safe. And finally, there is a writing page where they can write what they know about escaping a fire and what to do if your body is on fire.

Read passages about fire safety.

Fire Safety Differentiated Reading Passages Comprehension Activity

(Source: Fall Passages)

In the picture, you see a differentiated set of nonfiction and fiction fire safety passages. The fire safety nonfiction passage covers the basics of staying safe. The fictional passages are all about a little kiddo watching a fireman work. These passages make for excellent fire safety activities for primary classrooms.

Incorporate books into their reading centers or reading routines.

Fire Safety Read Alouds and Mentor Texts Books

Here are four great read-alouds for fire safety activities for primary classrooms! Here are my affiliate links for Amazon to grab your own copy.

Fire Safety Activities for Primary Classrooms

The resources highlighted in this blog post can be found below.

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