Nonfiction and Fiction Book Hunt

Fiction VS. Nonfiction texts

Time for nonfiction! I’m loving it! The kiddos are, too. Today, we focused on simply distinguishing between fiction and nonfiction text. I used my fiction vs. nonfiction activity from my Nonfiction Comprehension set. I pre-made this anchor chart, gave directions, and the kiddos got to work on their nonfiction and fiction book hunt.

Students working on book hunt

My Students on Nonfiction and Fiction Book Hunt

I laid out my books and let my kiddos go searching! They had to find one nonfiction book and write the title on the pink Post-it note. Then, they had to find one fictional story and write it on the green Post-it note. When they were done, they stuck them up to the fiction and nonfiction anchor chart.

Nonfiction comprehension

They got a pink post-it for nonfiction and a green post-it for fiction.

Then, as a class, we checked over the titles to make sure everyone’s sounded correct.

Student working on text feature cut and paste
Text feature cut and paste activity

Then, we did a mini lesson on text features and worked through a cut and paste together.
These activities are both in my nonfiction unit! This was a big step for them, so we did a lot of guided practice together. We used one book under the document camera for a sample.

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