Books on CD Organization Tips

Books on CD organization

Today, I am going to discuss books on CD organization. We have individual CD players and headphones in my room, plus a huge collection of books and CDs. I found a way to keep them nice and tidy!

Messy classroom corner

I was SO sick of this mess! There were just stacks of books and CDs with no rhyme or reason.  I have absolutely hated my collection of books on CD. It has been unorganized and super stressful to look through. So I decided yesterday after school that I truly needed an upgrade.

Books on CD Organization Materials Used:

  • freezer sized Ziploc bags
  • binder rings
  • books on CD

I put each CD and book set into an individual Ziploc bag because of how frequently one CD gets misplaced. This will prevent the students from losing them all the time! First, I put the books and the CD into the baggie. Then, I hole-punched the top of the bag. Finally, I looped the binder ring through that hole. Voila! You have a book on CD with its companion book ready to go!

Materials packed neatly away

I will choose 5-10 books a week that kids can choose for Listen to Reading. They can walk over to the nook during their Listen to Reading time and choose the book they wish to listen to.  The 5-10 books that I pull for the week will be hanging there on the wall for them. Part of being responsible is to know where to find their CDs, how to handle them, and how to clean them up when they’re done.

Materials in bin

This is how I can store the CDs that are not being used. They simply sit in a bucket. So when they are being used, they get pulled out and hung by the student’s centers. Otherwise, they are placed neatly into these bags. I hope my books on CD organization tips help to keep your classroom tidy!

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