Getting Ready for Earth Day- Lessons & Activities

Earth Day lesson ideas

I’m getting ready for Earth Day and getting my lesson plans written and prepped for next week. I wanted to share how I’m getting ready for Earth Day with a freebie and two Earth Day resources. Plus, I’ve added some of my favorite Earth Day read-alouds! I’m hoping to give you guys a few ideas for your Earth Day lesson plans.

Here is a Reading Flip Book for your Students

Your students can learn about Earth Day with a nonfiction passage within a flip book. This flip book will teach students what the holiday is, why it exists, and what people do on this holiday.

Earth Day flip book

(Reading Flip Book)

Here is a Writing Craft for your Students to Do…

This writing craft is all about Earth Day facts and information. There is a boy and girl topper that they can cut, color, and glue to the top. Then, there are a few writing activities that will attach to the girl/boy topper. There are letter templates, fact writing templates, and other options.

(Writing Craft)

Stock up on read-alouds for Earth Day!

Collection of Earth Day books and reading activities

I’ve outlined a few of my favorite Earth Day read-alouds to incorporate into your lesson plans. These Earth Day reading activities will help your students learn all about the spring holiday.

Link to Book Blog

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