Gingerbread Activities

Gingerbread activities

We did a great big unit on the Gingerbread Man. We spent the week reading Gingerbread Man stories and comparing them. Then, we tied several ELA standards within, such as adjectives, writing how-to pieces, story elements, and more Gingerbread activities.

After reading and comparing many of these stories all week, here are a few of the pictures I grabbed. Comparing the stories was a lot of fun. Therefore, I recommend making a HUGE Venn diagram on the board and let students help you compare and contrast two of these stories. The two comparison sets I suggest are Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Girl, OR Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Pirates.

Here are Amazon affiliate links to each of the suggested books.

Primary activities with gingerbread for holiday weeks

Teaching Adjectives with The Gingerbread Man

Primary activities with gingerbread for holiday weeks

After reading the Gingerbread Man, we made a chart on all the adjectives for him.

Adjective chart

We then carried our adjective lesson over to Gingerbread houses. The students were asked to make their own adjective map for a gingerbread house. So, they had to come up with their own adjectives. This is one of the sheets in my December On-the-Go unit.
(Link: December Worksheets)

Student in action

Above is a picture of a student in action, looking at a picture of a gingerbread house on Google search.

Gingerbread Reading

Another fun activity during your gingerbread unit is a nonfiction reading flip book. This gingerbread flip book gives a nonfiction reading passage with three follow-up activities. Plus, the kiddos are getting to cut and color, which is an engaging addition to their learning.

Gingerbread reading flip book activity

(Link: Gingerbread Flip Book)

Gingerbread Houses

Primary activities with gingerbread for holiday weeks

Here is my huge pile of materials! All of this was parent donated for our Gingerbread activities day. They are so helpful!

Save your milk cartons! Rinse them out, and hot glue them shut. Then, hot glue them to the bottom of the plate.

Next, lay out the materials for the students.

Making the house

Once you hot glue the milk carton together and attach it to the plate, it’s time to use the frosting. The students were told to use frosting as their glue for their gingerbread activities.

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