Go-To Blogs for Common Core Writing Standards

Common Core Writing is a domain of standards. This domain can be found within the Common Core Standards. They cover all things writing. First, students begin by writing opinion writing pieces. Then, they moving to harder topics such as research writing and editing and publishing. This collection of go-to blogs for Writing standards will help when you’re lesson planning. It’s a one-stop spot for teachers looking to understand deeper and find inspiration for new lessons! First, browse all the titles that are included below. Then, click each blog one by one to learn more.

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The Three Main Writing Standards Blog Posts

How to teach opinion writing. Tips and tricks for opinion writing activities.

Link: Opinion Writing Blog Post

How to teach narrative writing in the classroom, narrative writing teaching tips and activities.

Link: Narrative Writing Blog Post

How to teach informational writing

Link: Narrative Writing Blog Post

Additional Writing Standard Blog Posts

Blog post about how to teach revising and editing.

Link: Teaching Editing and Revising

Blog post with lessons and activities for teaching students peer editing

Link: Teaching Kids to Peer Edit

Blog post on the importance of pre-writing

Link: Pre-Writing Importance

These eight books will help make your Opinion Writing unit so much more fun and engaging for your students. Check out these recommended books for your Opinion Writing unit. These book sets are quality examples for clear, engaging opinion writing.

Link: Mentor Texts for Opinion Writing

Link: Mentor Texts for Narrative Writing

Thanks For Reading Go-To Blogs for Common Core Writing Standards…

I hope these blog posts help you understand the domain a bit deeper. Bookmark this collection of go-to blogs. That way, you can easily refer back to it when lesson planning!

Want even more writing tips?

I’ve started making YouTube videos for the standards. So far, I only have Opinion writing. Other CCSS content coming soon!

Link: Opinion Writing Video


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