How to Squeeze In St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Are you looking for St Patrick’s Day activities that won’t interrupt your instruction? Do you want to tie the holiday into your day-to-day lessons without missing a beat? These are the perfect addition to your lesson plans for a holiday that is fun and functional! Find a St. Patrick’s Day activity that will fit your class and schedule below.

Replace Read-to-Self Books with St. Patrick’s Titles

St. Patrick's Day Read Aloud Books for elementary lessons and activities

Firstly, books are always a great place to start! Switch out your read-alouds or independent reading books for a few of these St. Patrick’s Day gems. Incorporate these stories into your mini-lessons by modeling ELA reading skills, think-alouds, or comprehension activities. Or, simply create a collection that students can access during their own, independent reading time! The books listed below are all affiliate links from Amazon!

Directed Drawing Activity for Any Downtime

St. Patrick's Day Directed Drawing Activity for Elementary, First Grade Second Grade Third Grade

If you’re looking for a St. Patrick’s Day activity to keep your kiddos focused and having fun, try a directed drawing. Directed drawings will require your students to listen and follow directions. But, it will be so much fun, that they won’t even notice that it’s a following directions activity!

These two cute St. Patrick’s Day directed drawings can be used as cards, illustrations for stories, poem starters, adjective objects, and more! Check out the links below:

Reading Flip Book During One of Their Center Rotations

St. Patrick's Day ELA Reading and Writing Flip Book Elementary Lessons

Here, we have a reading flip book to use during your St Patrick’s Day activities! This reading and writing flip book is a great addition to your reading instruction. Under the first flap, students will find an informational passage about St. Patrick’s Day! Then, under the next flap, they will answer comprehension questions or prompts. Next, they sort information from the article and finally, complete a writing activity.

This reading flip book could easily be added to your ELA block as a one-day activity. Or, it could be broken up over the week. Each day, students can complete another part of the flip book, completing their craftivity by the end of the week! Not only will your students be learning about St. Patrick’s Day, but they will also be practicing essential reading and writing skills. Plus, in the end, they will have an awesome craft to take home or display in your classroom!

Assign St. Patrick’s Reading Passages as Homework or Morning Work

St. Patrick's Day Reading Passages and Activities for elementary students . First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade

Another simple switch would be to include St. Patrick’s Day reading passages in place of your morning work or homework. Like the previous activity, students will be practicing essential skills, while allowing you to incorporate the holiday! If students already read as nightly homework, you can send them home with a printable reading passage! Or, you can have them complete a comprehension or writing activity in place of their bell ringer/morning work!

Tie Lucky Charms Into Your Math Lessons

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms Math Activities for elementary students . First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade

Lastly, let’s talk math! Grab a box of Lucky Charms and paper cups. You can use these in your math class as counters, for arrays, fractions, computation problems, etc. The possibilities are endless!

For example, display or call out a simple multiplication fact/equation. Have students arrange their cereal pieces into an array to find the answer.

Another idea: Have students find the fraction of marshmallows to cereal pieces. Then, they will need to simplify the fraction into its smallest form. Students can compare fractions, too!

With younger kiddos, display or call out a simple addition or subtraction equation. Have students arrange their cereal pieces to represent the problem and calculate the answer.

Suggested Resources Shown Within This Blog Post:

The resources shown in this blog post are the St. Patrick’s Day Reading Flip Book and the St. Patrick’s Day Fiction Passages! Both products come with both digital and printable options. In the reading flip book, you will find one reading passage with comprehension and writing activities, plus the craft. In the fiction passages, there are five St. Patrick’s Day stories, each with a comprehension activity and a writing activity. Click the buttons below to take a closer look!

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