Intervention Activities and Small Group Practice

Early literacy intervention

I just started an intervention product line to help kindergarten and first grade teachers with their struggling students. What I have done is gathered up common early literacy practice skills and made them into seasonal activities. These can be used as small group activities or pull-out intervention activities.

Prepping Intervention Activities Materials

Teaching intervention activities is usually done in small group or in a one-on-one setting, so getting an invention bucket is very important. This will have all the manipulatives you might need on hand.

What I included in mine:

  • witch fingers to track and decode
  • whiteboard and dry erase markers
  • intervention centers laminated and in Ziploc baggies
  • clear circle chips to cover letters or medial vowels
  • highlighter strips to track and read
  • reward stickers
Early Literacy Intervention.

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Intervention Activities: Skill Focus

I have created a bundle that includes an entire year of intervention activities. The skills begin easier for R.T.I. and intervention and get harder as the year progresses. Skills such as letter naming and letter identifying will occur in August. Then, later in the year comprehension and fluency can occur. Many of the skills will repeat from month to month for practicing purposes. Here is a list of activities that will be covered.

List of an entire year of intervention activities.

Examples of Intervention Activities in Action

I want to show you guys four example activities from small group intervention activities sets. You can get a good look at them that will help you see what types of hands-on early literacy activities they will be doing. I will also explain each of the activities underneath, so if you’re curious how each of these activities would be beneficial within an intervention setting, read below!

Decoding intervention activity for young readers.

Decoding: Example #1

Almost every single month, there is a decoding intervention activity. Whether it’s decoding CVC words or nonsense words, students will practice sounded 3-letter words out. This March small group activity asks students to sound out 3-letter words. After that, they will determine if they are real or nonsense. Then, for extra practice, they will write their results on a whiteboard.

Hands on centers for primary students struggling with early literacy.

Category Sorting: Example #2

Some teachers may focus on phonemic and phonological awareness when providing intervention activities for their students. However, it’s important to remember language skills, too. This simple sorting activity from my August set is a great opportunity for students to practice basic language and vocabulary. They will draw a card and identify what the picture is, then they will sort it onto the related/similar items. Finally, they will discuss with their small group why each item belongs to each group, helping solidify their classification skills.

Intervention building blocks to build a strong reader.

Blends: Example #3

Another big part of the intervention activities sets are blends. Students are given plenty of opportunities to practice their blends. In this specific hands-on December game, students will draw a blend stocking. It will have an S blend on it. After that, students will search their game board for an word that begins with that blend.

Early Literacy Intervention.

CVC Words and Phonemic Awareness: Example #4

One of the intervention activities in the November collection provides students with a CVC word picture and a missing letter. Students will be asked to provide the missing letter by sounding out the word. Some have missing initial sounds, some have missing medial vowels, and some have missing ending sounds. Then, students have to determine which is missing and fill it in.

Need Intervention Activities in your classroom?

Early Literacy Intervention- hands on centers for primary students struggling with early literacy.

(Intervention Activities Link)

There is the link to the entire year bundle. However, if you’re wanting to just try one month out, don’t worry. If you click the link above or click here for my intervention activities category, there are individual links to each specific month. So, if you’re wanting to try out just October for example, click the link above. Then, scroll down on the page until you have the opportunity to scroll through the 11 units included in the bundle.

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Early Literacy Intervention ideas and activities.

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