Daily 5: Listen to Reading

Daily 5: Listen to reading

Today is the last day of discussing how I introduced the individual components of Daily 5, and tomorrow is the big wrap-up on how it is flowing and working so smoothly together!

Today, I will discuss how Listen to Reading is working in our room! The strategies for Work on Writing are in the Daily 5 book.

The Daily 5 book

Here is my Amazon Affiliate link to the book if you’re interested in reading.
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Listen to Reading

Listen to Reading is a center where students listen to an audiobook read to them while reading the physical book in front of them. It helps students with their fluency, rate, and expression because they listen to a book. It even allows students to independently read books that are at a higher reading level.

Daily 5- Listen to Reading- introducing the first few weeks of school

Here is a picture of my students listening to reading with a borrowed CD player and 4-way splitter. This was not our classroom’s listening centers, and I couldn’t afford my own.

So, what I did was get on Donor’s Choose. I asked for six individual CD players and headphones, and they were totally funded. But until they show up at my school, we’re using this borrowed CD player and splitter. The kiddos don’t mind it, though.

If you have iPads, Kindles, or Chromebooks, there are tons of online storybook websites, like Storyline Online, Starfall, TumbleBooks, Hoopla, OverDrive, and others. There are even lots of read aloud books available on YouTube as long as you use the ViewPure website to keep the commercials and ads clean.

Daily 5: Listen to Reading –  Other Options

CD / MP3 Listening Center with MS2L Personal Headphones

If you don’t have access to Donor’s Choose and you’re interested in getting a CD player in your classroom, you can consider asking for a purchase order for a full set. Having the CD player in my classroom allows for seamless Listen to Reading time.

Here is my Amazon Affiliate link for this six-person CD player.

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Jensen Limited Edition Black Jensen Slim Personal CD Player System with LCD Display Bass Boost 60-second Anti Skip CD-R/RW Compatible & Ear-buds Gift Box

I can’t wait to start using the individual CD players, too! They’ll be coming soon. Keep an eye out for future blog posts about them.

Here is my Amazon Affiliate link for one of the cheaper sets I found.

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Thanks for reading Daily 5: Listen to Reading, for more content, check out this post on Fantastic Fluency Tools.

Daily 5- Listen to Reading- introducing the first few weeks of school

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