Need New Year’s Ideas for the Classroom?

New Year's in the classroom

Starting Monday, most of us will be back in the classroom teaching. Need any last-minute New Year’s ideas for the classroom? Check out this list I compiled for you! I’ve gathered up reading activities, writing activities, and arts and crafts ideas that will make your transition back into the classroom fun and easy!

New Year’s Ideas for the Classroom- Reading and Writing Activities

New Year's paired passages

New Years Paired Passages

These reading paired passages give a nonfiction article for New Year’s Eve, plus a fictional passage as well. There are questions and writing for each, then a comparison page for the two passages.

Link: New Years Paired Passages

Nonfiction Reading Flip Book

New Year's flip book

This flip book introduces students to what New Years is and how people celebrate it. the ‘Let’s Read’ tab has a nonfiction passage that introduces students to the holiday. Then, there are comprehension questions, sorting activities, and a writing piece to culminate what they’ve learned about New Years.

Link: New Years Flip Book

New Year’s Ideas for the Classroom – Crafts

New Years Ideas in the classroom craft

This website is in French, BUT you get the idea! All you need is paper plates, paint, and painter’s tape! So fun.

New Years Ideas in the classroom- writing craft

Here, we have some fun craftivity people!

This writing craft has multiple different toppers (girl and boy heads and arms), plus there are several different options that students can choose from for their writing piece. They can write their resolutions, facts about New Years, and even play a ‘making words’ activity with the words New Years Resolutions.

Link: New Years Writing Craft

New Year's craft for the classroom

 Fun Family Crafts

This tactile learning activity is for younger students. You will write the year on construction paper and they can practice making numbers using hands-on crafts.

Magic goal wand

Fun Family Crafts

This wishing wand is a very cute idea for setting goals and resolutions. The process of making the wand will be so fun for the students because they’re working with glitter and sequins! However, the writing piece of this activity is meaningful because they can write their goal around the edge of the craft.

Paper plate clocks

One More Idea from Fun Family Crafts

I love the idea of using a paper plate to create clocks. These paper plates can visually help students practice their telling time skills. They can also re-enact the clock striking midnight!

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New Year's ideas for the classroom

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