Paper-Saving Classroom Tool

Paper saving center activity

Sick of printing out 30 copies of a printable? Are parents tired of getting tons of printables coming home in their folders? We discovered the best new way to save paper! These dry erase pockets are a wonderful new staple in our centers rotations! Sometimes, you can find them at Target or at Walmart during the back-to-school rush. I think it’s easier to snag them on Amazon.

Dry erase pockets from Amazon

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(Link: Dry Erase Pockets)

Here is a peek at my students using my November On-the-Go printables in their ELA centers this week using their dry erase pockets.

Paper-Saving Classroom Tool
Paper-Saving Classroom Tool

Here, they’re working on sight word reading and writing.

Using dry erase pockets

Above, pictured here, they’re circling vowels.

(This sheet is actually for highlighting, but slipping them into pockets allows us to reuse them!)

Paper-Saving Classroom Tool

We are working on long vowels!

And here are my students working on adding -s or -es.

Paper-Saving Classroom Tool

There are many ways to use this paper-saving classroom tool. Currently, we are using them during independent centers and even during teacher-led small group. They’re a lifesaver!

On-the Go Bundles

Below, I have some printables you can use in these pockets that will help your first and second grade students practice their ELA and math skills. Additionally, this helps to engage them, all while having fun too! There are links to 11 packs in this bundle if you only want one specific month!

2nd grade student practice for ELA and Math

(Link: On the Go Bundle)

Check out this post for loads of ideas, tips, and tricks on setting up your classroom, including even more money-saving and inexpensive ideas for decorations and more. Also, be sure to check around my blog for other posts that include freebie links to all kinds of resources for teaching lessons in your primary classroom.

Using dry erase pockets for paper-saving center activities- a new staple in the classroom to save paper and engage students

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