Planning A Halloween Class Party

How to plan a classroom Halloween party.

Imagine a Halloween party in your classroom that was very well-planned, very well-managed, and very well-stocked. That’s my intention today! I’m going to help you overcome the burden of planning a Halloween class party. Whether you’re a first-year teacher, not knowing what to expect, or you’re a veteran teacher looking to master your party planning skills, this blog post should help you get organized. At the very least, there are some fun freebies in the blog for everyone!

Party Options

First, let’s talk all about planning out your party. There are a few different options for class parties. You could…

  • run centers
  • plan a few crafts
  • host a Trick-or-Treat
  • show a movie

The point is… your party can be as little or as big as you want it to be. My favorite Halloween class party always started with about 5-6 centers (with a few easy crafts and activities in there), followed by a snack break, then we trick-or-treated around the classroom.

Getting Started

FIRST- Ask for parent help!! Teachers cannot survive alone. Parents can be so helpful during classroom parties, and you can ask them for donations, volunteering, and even material prep. Start with volunteer requests and snack requests. One option is to just ask who can help first, then divvy out the jobs. Or you can send a list home asking for specific task volunteers, and let parents sign up for what they want to help with.

THEN- Plan out what you need. I’m giving you two free checklists to help you outline your classroom party. You can receive this freebie if you sign up for my email list. It will provide you with a form to jot down volunteer, game, snack, and schedule ideas.

FREE Halloween classroom party planning forms.

Organizational Freebie

When you download and print this freebie, start thinking of anything and everything you’d need for your party. Make a list of what you need to grab at Target, Amazon, or Walmart. And get your parent emails ready to go. Happy planning!

Halloween classroom party free forms and free game download.
Classroom Halloween party activities and free games.

Activity Ideas

Next, we’re going to talk about what to do during the party. Like I said earlier, there are a few different options for your hour-long party. You can plan centers, trick-or-treating, a craft, or simply a movie and treats. I’m going to list ten ideas that I created or found on Pinterest to help spark your ideas. Now, these ten ideas can be used within centers or, they can be completed on their own. How you’d like to manage your party is up to you!

Ten Halloween-themed Ideas

Spider Races– Two easy Dollar Tree materials can make for a fun game. Students will use a straw and race a partner to try to get their spider ring across the table quickest.

Make some slime! This suggestion has a big warning on it!! Do it if you’re brave! Kiddos are crazy about slime right now. There are many different recipes for slime on Pinterest or Google. Try the recipe that seems the least messy.

Freebie Time

Halloween bingo idea for the classroom.

Halloween FREEBIE– Halloween 4-in-a-Row is one of the freebies you can get in this blog post. It’s set up a lot like Bingo but it’s simply picture matching. Teacher will call out a Halloween item and students will cover their cards. The best thing about this game is that students have to be quiet to hear their items! Download it for FREE here.

Make a Skeleton– Using liquid glue, a black sheet of construction paper, and Q-Tips, students can make their very own skeleton.

Make a Mummy– Using masking tape and a colorful sheet of construction paper, students will tear their masking tape pieces into strips and stack them up to make it look like mummy stitching. Then, they will add two googly eyes for the face! This is a very simple craft for them to do.

Pumpkin Mosaic– Give students a blank pumpkin cut out and a few pieces of colorful construction paper. Students will cut small squares and glue them onto their pumpkin to create a pumpkin mosaic.

Halloween coloring– Something as simple as a coloring sheet can make kiddos happy. It’s not something they get to do a lot, so coloring sheets on a party day can be a lot of fun.

Halloween Coloring Idea

Decorating a Treat Bag- If you plan to have trick-or-treating or any candy collection, let students decorate a plain paper bag with Halloween decorations. Pull up Halloween clip art on the board and let them try to recreate the images on their own Halloween bags.

Halloween Movies– Watching a kid’s Halloween movie is another option! This one is easy for the teacher to plan, too. Make sure you’re allowed to watch the specific film you choose before planning to play it. Here are a few ideas from Amazon that I love! They are affiliate links.

  1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  2. Magic School Bus Creepy Crawly Fun
  3. Clifford’s Big Halloween
  4. Curious George: A Halloween Boofest
  5. Berenstain Bears Halloween Treats

Host Trick-or-Treating– You’ll need to ask for about 5-6 parents to come into the classroom to help. Around your classroom, you’ll have trick-or-treating stations set up. The students will rotate around the classroom “trick-or-treating” and collecting goodies.

Classroom Halloween party snack ideas.

Halloween Snacktime

Just like with your activities discussed above, snack disbursement can happen however you want! I like to include them within a center. So one group of kiddos are eating their snacks at a time. Some teachers like to save the snacks and treats for movie time after the arts and crafts. This is a good option, too, because it keeps the kiddos quiet and busy during their movie.

Watch for Allergies

REMEMBER Check your allergy lists. This year, I’m sending in snacks for my niece’s class, and I have to avoid all nuts, honey, and pumpkin. Please send that in a note to parents, too, before asking for any food donations. If you’re going to do a trick-or-treat session, too… do not let students open and snack on any treats that may have allergy triggers in the ingredients.

Easy Prep Ideas

Here are five easy and quick-to-prep options I found:

Healthy Halloween party snack ideas for the classroom.
Healthy Halloween party snack ideas for the classroom.

(Oranges and Fruit Cup Source: Lil’ Luna)

(Bat Fruit Bags Source: Copy Kids)

(Bat Brownies Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios)

(Frankenstein Source: A Thirfty Mom)

(Goldfish Source: 100 Decorations)

Freebie Download

Halloween classroom party- two free forms and a free halloween game

Thanks for reading! I hope you collected lots of valuable information and tips for planning a Halloween class party. Read this post for Halloween learning in the classroom.

Classroom Halloween Party- planning a halloween party with halloween snacks and treats, halloween activities, free games.

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