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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add reading comprehension practice to your first-grade ELA lessons? This SAMPLE of fiction task cards is a great activity for your first-grade reading centers or small group.


First grade comprehension Task Cards are a literature standards-based resource. In this freebie sample, you’re getting one standard with 5 stories and 6 comprehension questions. In the full resource, each Common Core standard comes with 5 stories and 6 follow-up questions for comprehension. They come with recording sheets for the students to write their comprehension answers on. The task cards fit 4 to a page, so you can print, cut, and put on a binder ring.


*There is also a digital component included in this resource. The comprehension task cards are now created in Google Slides. You can get access to the digital versions using a link found within the PDF.*



Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.


This freebie sample comes from my 1st Grade Comprehension Task Card bundle. In this bundle, you’ll get all RL and RI standards.

Each standard (17 standards):

  • 5 texts
  • 6 questions for each story
  • Numbered for easy organization
  • Question sheets for assessment
  • (RI1.9, RL1.5, and RL1.9 are set up a bit differently. There are 2 texts [each 2 pages] and only 4 questions since one of the stories takes up 2 task card slots!)


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