2nd Grade Reading Anchor Charts



These 2nd Grade Reading Anchor Charts were developed from requests for teachers for the anchor charts within the applicable ELA units. This includes all of the anchor charts that are found in both the RI and RL portions of the bundle. It includes anchor charts for the following standards.


Ask and Answer Questions RL.2.1
Learning the Moral RL.2.2
Challenge and Response RL.2.3
Words and Phrases in Poetry RL.2.4
Structure of a Story RL.2.5
Point of View RL.2.6
Illustrations in a Text RL.2.7
Compare and Contrast RL.2.9
-Ask and Answer Questions RI.2.1
-Main Topic RI.2.2
-Making Connections RI.2.3
-Unknown Words RI.2.4
-Text Features RI.2.5
-Author’s Purpose RI.2.6
-Pictures in a Text RI.2.7
-Author’s Point and Reasons RI.2.8
-Comparing Informational Texts RI.2.9
These anchor charts are used with the mini lessons within each unit. You may use them as you see fit.
This 2nd Grade Reading Anchor Charts purchase is for one single classroom only.


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