3rd Grade Homework Bundle


Total Pages: 180
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3rd Grade Homework Bundle

*The entire set now includes access to digital versions of each quarter of homework. When you download the PDF, you will get a link on page 5 to Google Slides. These Slides are the same work as the paper version offered in the PDF.

Quarters that are included in the 3rd Grade Homework Bundle:
1- 3rd Grade Homework
2- 3rd Grade Homework
3- 3rd Grade Homework
4- 3rd Grade Homework

What is Homework?
These quarter packs will each contain 9 weeks of Homework pages to be completed once a day. Each day’s homework will take about 10 minutes for the students to finish. Each quarter within the homework bundle is common core aligned. They are spiraling review pages that cover ELA standards and Math standards. Each day covers a different topic. The homework bundle features topics such as Math, ELA, Writing, and Language & Foundations.

This 3rd Grade Homework Bundle purchase is for one single classroom only license.
If you want to share this bundle with other classrooms, please make sure to buy the extra licenses here at Teachers Pay Teachers. Please contact me for a site license quote at jessica.L.tobin@gmail.com and I will work with you directly.


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