4th Grade Binder Covers for ELA



This 4th Grade Binder Covers for ELA download is something that’s been requested by many teachers! Within my store, I have a standards-based unit for all 4th grade ELA standards for Common Core State Standards. Each standard is included in a domain bundle, which also comes in an all-year curriculum. But teachers wanted a way to organize all their new resources, so here is a way to keep it all organized.

The 6 binder covers will help you organize your all-year curriculum…
Find that link here. >>Fourth Grade All-Year ELA Bundle</a> <<

Domain Binder Covers Included:
-Reading Literature
-Reading Informational
-Reading Foundational Skills
-Speaking & Listening

These binder covers have a white background (instead of the black ones included in the ELA units) that will save ink while printing. There are 6 binder covers for you, plus 1′ and 1.5′ binder spines. Happy organizing!