Amphibians Nonfiction Unit


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This Amphibians Nonfiction Unit comes with a wide range of activities. There are two parts to it… one part that focuses on examples of amphibians and one part that reviews all types of amphibians. Within the individual studies of amphibians, you’ll get a reading comprehension passage, questions, fact writing sheet, and fold and snip book.

*There is now a digital component included in this resource. The graphic organizers and reading passages are now created in Google Slides.

Amphibians Reading Passages:
Each reading passage comes with a…
—Amphibian Fact Sheet
—Amphibian Flip Book
—Questions on Amphibian passage

Amphibian Topics:
-Amphibians General Information (no flip book)
-Life Cycle of a Frog
-Poisonous Dart Frogs

Amphibian Review Activities
After the passages, there are a few culminating activities:
–True and False Cut and Sort
–Flip Book
–Acrostic Poem
–Research Writing Paper
–Amphibian Qualities Paper

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