Back to School Activities Reading Comprehension



These Back to School Activities and comprehension questions are a perfect tool to use to help students practice their comprehension. In this product, you will find five back to school stories with 2 comprehension activities for each. One of the comprehension papers deals with answering questions about the text and the other paper deals with writing a response based on the passage. It’s perfect for the first week back to school.

*There is now a digital component included in this resource. The passages are now created in Google Slides.

Story 1: Getting Ready for the First Day of School

  • The 5 W’s
  • Personal writing response

Story 2: A Mountain of Paperwork

  • Dialogue questions
  • Personal writing response

Story 3: The Scared Teacher

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Fictional writing response

Story 4: How Zack’s First Day Was Ruined

  • Character Response
  • Fictional writing response

Story 5: Katie’s Awesome First Day of School

  • Sequencing
  • Personal Writing response

-I have found that second grade students benefit to read this as a whole group the first time, then allow them to respond individually. However, it works great for higher readers independently. 3rd graders could work independently through this activity.

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Bundle of Stories

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