Butterfly Reading Flip Book


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This Butterfly Reading Flip Book focuses on learning all about butterflies with a nonfiction reading passage and three follow up activities. This is perfect for learning about butterflies and the butterfly life cycle while having interactive fun, practicing comprehension, and writing.

*There is now a digital component included in this resource. The digital flip book is now available in Google Slides format. The link to the Google Classroom document will be within the PDF download.*

Butterfly Activities Included:
Let’s Read page: Butterflies passage
Let’s Answer page: questions about passage
Let’s Sort: Cut and order steps in the butterfly life cycle
Let’s Write: Students write what they’ve learned about butterflies and their life cycle

This product helps teach students about butterflies. The passage gives facts and information about what butterflies are, how they follow a life cycle, what they eat, and the stages in their lives. There are follow up comprehension activities for the passage, plus a cute butterfly book topper!

*Suggestion reading level: For 2nd grade, I would use this as a partner or independent activity. For 1st grade, I would use this as a whole group activity or read the text together before they work through the rest of the flip book.*

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