FREE Daylight Saving Time



This is a FREE Daylight Saving Time sample of my March paired passages. It focuses on Daylight Saving Time, which occurs in March. It comes with the traditional printable format. (There is an interactive notebook format for the same story in the full unit.) There is a nonfiction text which explains Daylight Saving Time, comprehension activities and writing activities. Then, there is a fictional Daylight Saving Time passage with comprehension activities and writing activities. There are also two pages that compare the two texts.

In the full pack, there are 4 other paired sets, which is 8 other passages. Each set comes with a nonfiction story and a fiction story, plus questions and comprehension work for both. There are also 2 sheets that work on comparing the fiction and nonfiction stories.

Available in the FULL March Paired Passages pack:
-Daylight Savings Time & An Hour Late
-Eating Healthy & Our Food Challenge
-St. Patrick’s Day & The Leprechaun’s Plans
-Spring Weather & Jumping in Puddles
-Thunderstorms & No Electricity

These passages are not lexiled for vocabulary reasons, but the pack is made for my second grade class. Higher first grade students would really benefit from this. It can also be used in a first grade class as a guided activity. This can be great practice for third grade students as well.

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