Habitats Flip Books



This Habitats Flip Books includes an introduction flip book plus 6 mini flip books to study individual habitats. This is perfect for a habitats introduction, a review, or just hands-on learning about what habitats are, what they offer animals and plants, and six mini flip books for the Arctic, grasslands, oceans, rainforests, deserts, and ponds. All while having interactive fun and creating a great wall display for the kids and school to see.

*There are now digital components included in this resource. The digital flip books are now available in Google Slides format. The link to the Google Classroom document will be within the PDF download.*

Included: (traditional format and digital)

  • All About Habitats Flip Book
  • Arctic Flip Book
  • Desert Flip Book
  • Grassland Flip Book
  • Ocean Flip Book
  • Ponds Flip Book
  • Rainforest Flip Book

Habitats Flip Book Included:
Read: Habitats passage
Answer: Questions about passage
List: Fact writing about Habitats
Sort: Cut and glue true or false facts for habitats
Write: Students write what they’ve learned about habitats

This product helps teach students about Habitats. The passage gives facts and information about what habitats are and how they help plants and animals. There are follow up comprehension activities for the passage, plus an animal book topper.

THEN, there are also six mini flip books.
(They are mini because they are cut in half and two to a page.)
Read: Habitat Passage
Answer: Questions about passage
List: Fact writing about Habitat
Write: Students write what they’ve learned about habitat

These mini flip books come for oceans, grasslands, deserts, ponds, the Arctic, and rainforests.

*Suggestion reading level: For 2nd grade, I would use this as a partner or independent activity. For 1st grade, I would use this as a whole group activity or read the text together before they work through the rest of the flip book.*

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This Habitats Flip Books purchase is for one single classroom only.
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