Long E Worksheets and Partner Games



In this Long E Worksheets and Partner Games activity set, you’re getting materials that will help your students master the Long E vowel pattern. It covers different long vowel patterns for long e, such as -ea, -ee, -ey. There are three partner games and four sets of worksheets.

Partner Games:

  • Game 1- Matching Words to Pictures
  • Game 2- Sorting Words by Vowel Teams
  • Game 3- BLAST!

Set of Worksheets:

  • Solving Riddles- Illustrate and Write
  • Long A or Not?- Cut and Glue
  • Writing Sentences
  • Short A or Long A?- Cut and Glue


This set was created in 2012, but completely updated in 2021.

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This Long E Worksheets and Partner Games Unit purchase is for one single classroom only.
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