Reader’s Theater



Looking for readers theater scripts to help improve your students’ reading fluency skills? There are 10 non-seasonal Reader’s Theater scripts within this unit. They range between two, three, or four characters. Each script comes with a cover page, headband or necklace pieces, color copies, or black and white copies for each script.

Each reader’s theater script:

  • has a cover page
  • comes with headband or necklace images for characters
  • has highlighted color copies for each character
  • has black & white copy

There are also graphic organizers that cover different Common Core standards within the literature domains. I pulled these from my ELA standards-based units. You can choose 1-3 graphic organizers for each of the scripts and reuse them for different scripts as you see fit!

There are 10 stories in Reader’s Theater:
Frog and Toad (2 characters)
Aliens in Space (2 characters)
Cat and Dog are Pals (2 characters).
At the Magic Show (2 characters)
Where’s the Saddle? (3 characters)
Traffic Jam (3 characters)
Pirate Treasure (3 characters)
The Missing Ruby (3 characters)
Down on the Farm (4 characters)
Under the Sea (4 characters)

This was made for a first grade classroom, marked for second grade for practice with fluency, expression, and sight words.

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This Reader’s Theater Unit purchase is for one single classroom only.
If you want to share with other classrooms, make sure to buy the extra licenses here. Please contact me for a site license quote at [email protected].