Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle


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This Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle provides students fiction and nonfiction practice. There are passages with follow-up comprehension questions. This is a bundle of two products that are currently in my store. Please click each link to make sure you know which two items you’re getting!

Additionally, this resource now comes with digital access to Google Forms for Distance Learning.

Suggested Age ranges:
First grade- likely will need whole group and discussion
Second grade- whole group and independent

Fiction Comprehension
-This reading comprehension packet will help a first or second-grade student improve their skills in reading, comprehension, and text-based evidence.

In the comprehension passages bundle, you will find:
-4 general graphic organizers for any fictional story
-30 fictional reading passages with 3 questions each

Nonfiction Comprehension
-This nonfiction unit gives students a chance to learn about nonfiction, read nonfiction passages, and respond to nonfiction.
This is my old Nonfiction Reading Detective Pack. It is reformatted.

In Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle, you will find:
-Nonfiction versus Fiction
-Nonfiction Text Features
-Generic Nonfiction Graphic Organizers
-30 Nonfiction Reading Passages with writing response sheets

This purchase is for one single classroom only.

If you’re interested in sharing with other classrooms, then make sure to buy the extra licenses here. Contact me at if you want a site license.


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