1st Grade Reading Foundational Skills Bundle



The 1st Grade Reading Foundational Skills Bundle uses foundational skills which are basic skills that help solidify students’ knowledge and understanding of print. There are four clusters within this bundle: Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition, and Fluency. In each cluster, you will find standards-based resources to help students understand phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, and other phonics skills.
Updates- Please read: This resource is part of a big 2021 RF update. New lesson plans have been added to each of the RF units and the activities have also been expanded. I have added the RF1.2 and RF1.3 bundles and split them up into individual standards units.
What is included in the 1st Grade Reading Foundational Skills Bundle?
  • RF.1.1.a- Print Concepts
  • RF.1.2.a- Long and Short Vowels
  • RF.1.2.b- Blending Sounds
  • RF.1.2.c- Phoneme Isolation
  • RF.1.2.d- Phoneme Segmentation
  • RF.1.3.a- Digraphs
  • RF.1.3.b- Decoding Words
  • RF.1.3.c- Vowel Teams
  • RF.1.3.d & 3- Syllables
  • RF.1.3.f- Inflectional Endings
  • RF.1.3.g- Irregular Spelling
  • RF.1.4- Fluency Skills
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