2nd Grade Reading Informational Bundle


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This 2nd Grade Reading Informational Bundle includes 9 different nonfiction or informational packs for the ELA domain. These units focus on the Common Core skills in the Reading Literature domain. They include lesson plans, printable worksheets, passages, and small group activities. If you are not a CCSS school, these are still essential skills for a second grader to have.

*There are now digital components included in this bundle. The passages and graphic organizers are now created in Google Slides. You can get access to the digital versions on page 5 of the individual PDFs. (The lesson plans, small group activities, and assessments are not digitally converted at this time.)*

Included in the bundle are:
-Ask and Answer Questions RI.2.1
-Main Topic RI2.2
-Making Connections RI2.3
-Unknown Words RI2.4
-Text Features RI2.5
-Author’s Purpose RI2.6
-Pictures in a Text RI2.7
-Author’s Point and Reasons RI2.8
-Comparing Informational Texts RI 2.9

If you’re interested in using only the digital versions of the passages and graphic organizers, you can buy the 2nd Grade Digital bundle here. This only comes with digital versions of the passages and graphic organizers.

Each pack comes with these teaching supplements:
-Mini Lessons
-Interactive Pieces
-Task Cards
-Summative Assessment

This 2nd Grade Reading Informational Bundle purchase is for one single classroom only.
If you’re interested in sharing with other classrooms, make sure to buy the extra licenses. If you are interested in a site license, please contact me for a quote at

SAVE BIG! Buy this pack in 2 possible bundles.
Click here for the READING bundle.
Click here for the ELA ALL-YEAR curriculum bundle.


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