RF.K.2.a- Rhyming Words


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This Kindergarten ELA resource is a unit to teach the standard RF.K.2.a, which is all about teaching a kindergarten student to recognize words that rhyme and produce words that rhyme. It comes with a week-long lesson plan unit, plus supplemental centers and graphic organizers. The resources help students learn how to make rhymes and recognize rhyming word sets.

What’s Included:
-Week-long Lesson Plan (with activities)
-5 Printables
-4 Centers
-Assessment checklist

Standard Covered:
RF.K.2.a- Recognize and produce rhyming words.

This is an individual unit that is also included in the Reading Foundational (RF) Skills Bundle. Find those links below if you want MORE RF sets just like this!
Click HERE for the RF Skills Bundle.

This unit is also included in the year-long ELA bundle with all six domains. It’s a growing bundle, meaning resources are still being added throughout the year.
Click HERE for the A ll-Year Kindergarten ELA Bundle.


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