Rosa Parks Biography Pack



Rosa Parks was an influential woman who fought for equality and forever changed history. This Rosa Parks Biography Pack covers important facts about Rosa Parks’ life for students to learn. Within the pack, they will read about Rosa Parks, research her, write about her, create a flip book about her, and sort important parts of this famous woman’s life.

*There is now a digital component included in this resource. The digital flip book is now available in Google Slides format. The link to the Google Classroom document will be within the PDF download.*

**This pack has been updated. It used to only be a craftivity flip book, but has been added to and expanded to join the biography pack bundle. If you previously owned it, re-download for the updated version.**

Included in this Rosa Parks biography pack:
-Reading Passage
-Cut and Sort Timeline
-Fact Writing for Research
-Informational Writing
-Flip Book (with reading, writing, and comprehension)

Reading level for passages are 2nd grade, but with help 1st grade can work through the texts. 3rd grade will benefit from the material as well, but the text won’t be as challenging.

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