Third Grade Morning Work 3rd Quarter



This Third Grade Morning Work 3rd Quarter unit contains 45 worksheets to use during the beginning of your day during the third quarter. They are spiral review activities to help third grade students practice Common Core standards and other literacy and math skills.

When introducing these Morning Work sheets to the students, model at first, then slowly let go of teacher guidance as they get comfortable with the way the worksheets are set up.

A 3rd Grade answer key is provided at the bottom of the PDF.

Does this have a digital version?

Yes! The 3rd quarter set now includes access to a digital version. When you download the PDF, you will get a link on page 4 to Google Slides. These Slides are the same work as the paper version offered in the PDF.

These math skills are included:

•Multiplication Word Problems
•Division Word Problems
•Telling Time to the Minute
•Elapsed Time
•Partitioning Shapes
•Multiplying Decades
•Associative Property
•Distributive Property
•Mental Math
•Adding Money
•Open Number Line Addition
•Fact Families (Multiplication & Division)
•Areas with Square Units
•Fraction Word Problems
•Fractions on a Number Line
•Patterns in Multiplication
•3-Digit Addition and Subtraction
•Creating Shapes on a Grid
•Comparing Fractions
•Missing Factors/Dividends/Divisors

These ELA skills are included:

•Word Choices
•Shades of Meaning
•Sentence Editing
•Opinion Writing
•Narrative Writing
•Informational Writing
•Plural Nouns
•Informal vs. Formal Writing
•Abstract vs. Concrete Nouns
•Dictionary Skills
•Figurative Language
•Quotation Marks
•Reading Comprehension
•Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
•Verb Tenses
•Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
•Prefix, Suffix, and Affix
•Possessives and Possessive Pronouns
•Capitalization of Book Titles
•Real-Life Word Connections
•Writing Addresses
Commas in a Series

Interested in the bundle that will eventually have all four quarters?
3rd Grade Morning Work All-Year Bundle

This Third Grade Morning Work 3rd Quarter Unit purchase is for one single classroom only.
If you want to share with other classrooms, make sure to buy the extra licenses. Please contact me for a site license quote at [email protected].