Winter Fluency for Early Readers



Winter Fluency for Early Readers- Zoofluency 2

Zoofluency 2 is a fun way for younger students (1st grade and younger) to work on their fluency. This winter animals pack comes with multiple ways for students to practice their fluency, such as hot and cold reads, centers, and hands on activities.

Do you need higher Winter Animal fluency passages? Click here for Winter Zoofluency for 2nd and 3rd grade readers.

-Suggested reading range- high kindergarten, all first grade, struggling seconds

-All passages are within the first grade reading range and lower.

Here is what Winter Fluency for Early Readers includes:
-Fluency Passages
—6 Fiction and 6 Nonfiction
—Binder Cover
—Nonfiction/Fiction Graph Trackers
-Find a Sight Word game
-Sight Word Sight Word Stairs
-Fluency Phrases
-Long Vowel Spin-a-Word
Passages include animals:
-Polar Bear
-Snowy Owl
-Arctic Fox

For a higher level of fluency activities, check out the original Zoofluency here.

This Winter Fluency for Early Readers Unit purchase is for one single classroom only.
If you want to share this with other classrooms, please make sure to buy the extra licenses here. Please contact me directly for a site license quote at [email protected]. I can handle this directly with you.