Daily 5: Read to Self

Daily 5: Read to self

I LOVE Daily 5! Over the next week, I am going to introduce you to how my class has adapted to each component of Daily 5. Such as how we have incorporated it in the whole class, and how I was even inspired to create Daily 4 Math for my class. So come back each day to see how my second graders have adjusted!


Read to Self

First, we started very SLOW with this. We introduced it and reviewed SO much! We started by teaching students 3 ways to read a book. They wrote the 3 in their reader’s workbooks, and we review it daily.

We also had to teach students how to pick their books from the book bins. I still have a few who want to fill their book bins with five chapter books a week, which I must always remind them of the I-PICK method.

Both of the ‘3 Ways to Pick a Book’ and ‘IPICK’ strategies can be found in the 2 Sisters book.

The Daily 5 Book

The Daily 5 book

Here is my Amazon Affiliate link to the book if you’re interested in reading.

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Each kiddo will get their very own book bin.

Numbered book bins for the elementary classroom

And we pick five brand new books out on Fridays for the following week. Day one of picking out books was rather chaotic. Try going in groups to pick out books. Otherwise, you’ll end up like this….

Students busy practicing skills.
Young students learning

Then we practice for a week adding two minutes a day. After that first week, we started adding other components in and still adding 1-2 minutes of Read to Self each day. I allow students to read anywhere in the room as long as they promise to follow the I-chart.

  • Read the whole time.
  • Stay in one spot.
  • Sit in a place that a teacher can see you but not under a table.
Daily 5- Read to Self- introducing the first few weeks of school

Daily 5: Read to Self

They tend to gravitate towards the carpet together and close to each other, but as you can see from this picture, they are all actively engaged in reading their book!! Daily 5’s Read to Self is a success!

Daily 5- Read to Self- introducing the first few weeks of school

And here’s the link to my math component.

Daily 5- Read to Self- introducing the first few weeks of school

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