Simple Ways to Make an Owl Themed Classroom

Setting up an owl themed classroom

Owl classrooms will always be near and dear to my heart. My first four years of teaching was in an owl-themed classroom, which was actually the inspiration for the name “Elementary Nest” for my blog. This collection of owl-themed ideas that I’ve gathered will give your room a bright and cheery feel. Here are a few tips for perfecting your owl classroom!

While shopping, keep an eye out for these items…

  • bright colored organizers
  • bright pink, bright blue, and bright green fabrics
  • cloud and tree decor items
  • anything with an owl on it!!


 An owl themed classroom door decoration idea.
 An owl themed classroom door decoration idea.


Whooo’s in My Classroom

(Link: Squarehead Teacher) (Link: Broken link- If you know original poster, please comment below!)

Start your owl classroom decor with the first thing your kiddos see, the door. Decorating your classroom door with pictures or names is a great way to introduce people to your students, and it is fairly easy to update throughout the year. For example, these two doors have student photos or names on them. The first shows HOOOO is in Mrs. Beth’s Room, but the text could easily be changed to show a different idea, like the second photo, which is for teacher appreciation!

Other Door Ideas:

HOOray for Learning!’

We OWL Love Reading’

Science (or other topics) is a HOOT’

Check Out OWL of our Work!’

An owl themed classroom paper lantern idea.

Owl you need is Lanterns

(Link: Just Reed Blog)

Another fun way to spruce up your Owl Decor is to make these ADORABLE owl lanterns! They are so fun and can hang above the library, or each table, with a table number. All you will need are some paper lanterns (linked below) and scrapbook paper! The kids could even help! 


  1. Draw two large circles on white paper. Color a black inner circle and cut out.
  2. Cut a triangle and two “M” shapes out of orange or yellow patterned scrapbook paper.
  3. Cut two “football” shapes out of any scrapbook paper.
  4. Glue all of your items onto the paper lantern!
  5. Hang with clear fishing line!
Paper lanterns in varying colors.

(Link: Amazon Paper Lanterns)

These paper lanterns are so easy to open and install (MUCH easier than the paper pom-poms). If you have paper lanterns left over, consider using them as other decors around your room! OR even hang an owl or two right outside your classroom door. 

An owl themed classroom library decor idea.

Grow Wise Little Owls

(Link: Broken Link- If anyone knows original poster, please comment!)

I simply LOVE this owl-themed library set up! It features comfy, soft benches with storage for books underneath, a tree made from paper, and poms and owls to represent each student! Furthermore, the library setup can be added to throughout the year, such as adding leaves with book suggestions, important quotes from books, reading strategies, etc. 

An owl themed classroom table idea.

An Entry Table to Hoot About

(Link: Nyla’s Crafty Teaching)

What an entry table! You could easily take a table you already have and add an owl border to it, like this one! The ideas for a table like this are endless: entry table for check-in/out, writing center, VIP Table for top behavior management prize, one-on-one conference table, and so much more. 

An owl themed classroom decor bundle.

Owl you Need in a Bundle

(Link: TPT Classroom Decor Set)

Here is a link to my classroom decor bundle. Within this bundle, there are over 20 owl themed pieces to use in the classroom. These range from journal labels, rules, name tags, check-in chart, bucket filling bulletin board set, book bin labels, and more! Also, they’re all bright colors, plus feature cute owl graphics on each item.

An owl themed classroom nametag idea.

Hoot! Hoot! Hooray for Nametags

(Link: Elementary Nest Blog)

These little cuties could be made and used for lots of different things around your room! Kiddos could make these during back to school, so they have an owl that reflects themselves. Likewise, they can be used for a name tag, also, for hanging on the classroom door or the library.

First of all, I would make a stencil out of thick paper or thin cardboard, then have students (or you) choose a piece of scrapbook paper, trace, and cut! Then, they can trace circles (caps, glue sticks, etc.) to create the eyes and little triangles for the beak! It would even be cute to add little teardrop wings. Oh, the possibilities! 

Owl Organizers and Supplies

Each of the links below are items that I found for an owl classroom while searching on Amazon. Each of these pictures comes with an affiliate link back to Amazon.

An owl themed classroom bookshelf idea.

Owl Bookshelf

(Link: Amazon Bookshelf)

This gorgeous owl bookshelf would be a great addition to the front of your classroom! Here, you could have read alouds or books that match your topics and themes for the week/unit. Most noteworthy, it is easy to set-up and easy to store! 

An owl themed classroom clock idea.

Owl Clock with a Twist

(Link: Amazon Clock)

This clock would be incredible in the classroom. First of all, it not only has hours and minutes, but the labels are a math teacher’s dream! You can see the numerical and word form for each hour, the minute and hour hands are labeled, and each minute is shown within its “hour” section. Another bonus is it’s color-coded, AND half and quarter hours are marked! 

Owl themed clips.
An owl themed classroom behavior chart idea.

Owl Clips

(Link: Amazon Owl Clothespins) (Link: Behavior Chart in Decor Set)

Clip charts are a wonderful way to manage behavior in your classroom and these owl clips would look so great on the Owl Behavior Chart! Each student can start the day with their owl on Ready to Learn and move it up or down along the chart throughout the day. If you use a sharpie to number them, instead of writing student names, you can certainly use them year after year! 

An owl themed classroom file folders.
An owl themed classroom notepads.

Owl File Folders

(Link: Amazon File Folders) (Link: Amazon Notepads)

These adorable file folders can be stored on your desk for things that you need quick access to. Things like attendance sheets, absent work, daily printables, etc. If you need to store papers on your desk, it seems like they might as well be in a folder that matches your theme!! 

And, who doesn’t need an owl notepad? This notepad is excellent because it’s fairly large (about a half sheet of notebook paper) with large writing space on the center of the owl. You are going to NEED a notepad for to-do lists, student notes, parent notes, phone messages, and so much more! Even more, you could have students write things they are learning on them, or books they are reading, and display them around the room! 

An owl themed classroom reading buddy.

Adorable Owl Reading Buddy

(Link: Amazon Reading Buddy)

Reading buddies are going to be a must for your classroom library! This little owl could also help students practice fluency and accuracy when whisper reading!

An owl themed classroom rug ideas.

Owl Kitchen Rugs

(Link: Amazon Kitchen Rugs)

Kitchen rugs are a great hack for classrooms that have tile flooring! Grab a couple of kitchen mats that match your theme! Keep them in a laundry basket or bin near your library or anchor chart area! Students can grab one to sit on or share with a friend during centers, buddy read, mini-lessons, etc. Above all, kitchen mats are inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean! 

An owl themed classroom decor bundle.

Something to Really Hoot About

(Link: TPT Decor Set)

All the decor items in this pack are to be used to decorate your classroom in an owl themed room! Each piece is brightly colored with cute owls to match. Over half of the pieces in this bundle are editable. The pieces that require personalization, such as name tags and labels are editable. These pieces come with non-editable PDF that you can simply write on with a Sharpie OR an editable PowerPoint that you can type your personal names, rules, etc. into.

Decor Pieces Included: 
ABC Line, Behavior Chart (Editable), Binder Covers- Monthly, Binder Covers- Other, Binder Covers (Editable), Birthday Chart (Editable), Book Bin Labels (Editable), Bucket Fillers (Editable), Bunting (Editable), Calendar Set, Check-in Chart (Editable), Clock Numbers, Hall Passes (Editable), Job Chart (Editable), Labels (Editable), Name tags (Editable), Number Signs, Rules (Editable), Shapes Posters, Table Signs (Editable), Where are We? (Editable), and Word Wall Letters

How to set up an owl themed classroom.

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