Small Group Organization Ideas with a FREEBIE

Today, I’m going to discuss small group ideas for organization. Last month, I discussed doing Daily 5/Literacy Studio for the Little Ones. This is a piggyback blog from last month. Since I have so many amazing parent volunteers, I am able to have TWO small groups in my Daily 5 rotation. One is called Teacher Time (with me) and one is called Skill Drill (with volunteer). Those are my two groups that are hardest to plan and keep up with, so here is a little fun way that I keep them in order.

FREE post-it note organization- planning small group freebie


My Post-it note system is wonderful. This keeps track of what passages, what games, and what books my kiddos have read. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing to a teacher’s eye to have everything laid out clearly.

Organizing Skill Drill

Skill Drill is an opportunity for students to practice spiral skills. If I’m focused on Commas this week, my skill drill is going to focus on other Language skills such as Sentences, Adjectives, Long Vowels, etc. On the left, you see the tub with two activities laminated and ready for the kids.

I typically do center games that are volunteer-led, so I print off some centers, bag them up, and stick them in a tub with a Post-it note on them to let my volunteer know which games are for which group.

Organizing Teacher Time

The folders match the groups. I do lots of fluency passages, running records, poems, etc. during my teacher time. So I keep the paperwork in matching colored folders for each group of kiddos.

Check out this post featuring creative ideas for setting up your small group area in the classroom.

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