Summer Themed Resource Round-Up with a FREEBIE

Summer resources for the classroom.

Some teachers don’t ever get to use summer resources because their school year ends mid-May. Other teachers teach until mid-June. If you’re one of those teachers who teaches in June, this blog post is for you! Here’s a summer-themed resource round-up with freebies collection to help inspire some teaching ideas and activities in your classroom.

ELA Resources You May Like

Readers Theater and Summer Activities

(Link: Summer Readers Theater)

Above, you can see my summer readers theater product includes eight stories. It’s a creative activity to review fluency, expression, and get kids excited for the end of the year. Reader’s Theater is a great way for students to practice fluency and expression. It is always a fantastic team building activity for partners or groups of 3! The themes for these stories vary from beach vacations, fun at the park, summer homework, and playing in the backyard. There are five 2-person plays and three 3-person plays.

(Link: Nonfiction Summer)

This summertime unit comes with all things E.L.A.: reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. It also includes three different themes to use: summer weather, water sports, and ocean life. In each unit, there are KWL  charts, reading passages, mini books, vocabulary activities, interactive books, and writing activities (fact, opinion, narrative, informational). Therefore, it’s a comprehensive list.

Small Group and Differentiated Passages Activities

(Link: Small Group Summer Activities)

My small group summer early literacy activity pack brings you 12 different activities to help struggling students. The ten intervention activities range from syllables to creating simple comprehension. However, please make sure to look at the preview before buying to make sure it will meet the needs of your primary students who need extra practice.

(Link: Summer Differentiated Passages)

There are seven topics in this summer reading passages pack seen above. The seven summer reading topics are the summer season, dolphins, islands, oceans, fireflies, 4th of July, and ants. Each summer topic has nonfiction and fiction passages. There are three levels for each topic, to demonstrate: beginning, growing, and advanced readers.

Writing and Close Reading Activities

(Link: Summer Interactive Writing)

My interactive summer writing product is a fun interactive writing product that involves real photographs and narrative writing. Students will cut and paste their sequence, then write about it. They will cut and paste the beginning, middle, and ending pictures. Then write about the beginning, middle, and end for a prewrite. And finally, expand with their writing. The topics are lemonade, tree houses, ocean fun, water parks, outdoor play, pool days, and finally, going fishing!

(Link: Summer Close Reading)

This pack comes with ten weeks of Summertime Close Reading. Each week has four days of activities. There is a mini introduction to Close Reading at the beginning of the product. Plus, three general graphic organizers in case you want to supplement Asking Questions, Main Idea/Detail, and Fact-Finding. The themes are beaches, islands, sea turtles, snorkeling, Scuba diving, and surfing. Check out lightning bugs, camping out, lemonade, and treehouses, too.

Fun with Summer Themed Flip Books

All of my flipbooks follow a similar set-up. I provide a nonfiction reading passage in the ‘Let’s Read’ tab, then I provide follow-up activities with the ‘Let’s Answer’, ‘Let’s Sort’, and ‘Let’s Write’ pages. Additionally, these three summer flipbooks also come with fun book toppers that students can attach to their reading flipbook to decorate.

Summer Holiday Flipbooks

(Link: 4th of July Flip Book)

(Link: Flag Day Flip Book- June)

Summer time themed flip book for primary students.

Summer Flipbook

(Link: Summer Time Flip Book)

Want a useful summer-time FREEBIE?

What can I do this summer to prepare for my upcoming school year? Get an e-book filled with advice from other teachers!


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